Scream Season

A Halloween Horror Novella


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Word Count: 31,542

Genre: Horror, Drama, Dark Comedy

Content Warnings: Language, Drug References, Graphic Violence, Sexual References

Summary: Semi-reformed delinquent Joel, back home on Fall break from college, takes his younger sister and her new boyfriend to Scream Season, the local theme park’s annual Halloween event. With his two best friends tagging along, Joel’s confrontational personality quickly turns the evening into a series of embarrassing incidents. But after a strange, intense encounter with a masked man roaming the grounds, Joel’s sister and her boyfriend wind up missing, spurring him and his friends into a dangerous search, where they will stumble upon a gruesome secret hidden within the walls of this decades old park. A secret that should have just stayed a rumor.

Scream Season was a yearlong labor of love crafted from an insidious idea that sprang into my mind while visiting a similarly-named-yet-legally-distinct national theme park chain during their similarly-named-yet-legally-distinct Halloween event last October. What started as a simple short story I had planned to finish before the 31st of that year somehow exploded into a full-blown novella I finally finished just in time for Frigh—Scream Season a year later. It’s rough in places, but I’m still incredibly proud of the end result. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. -L.C.

P.S.: Huge shoutout to the amazingly talented Jalin Harden for creating the cover artwork. You can check out more of his stuff over at his art & animation blog here.

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